Care Services
Residence Care

Feel at home, in a resort-like community.

Residence Care is a retirement lifestyle unlike any. These are fully-furnished accommodations, nestled within safe, residential areas, with manicured gardens and top-notch facilities.

Complete with a concierge to attend to your needs, an on-site medical examiner, emergency services, and a full-fledged community of like-minded people, Residence Care is suitable for those looking for permanent or respite care.

Assisted Living Units

Care Arrangements for those who need it, by those who specialise in it.

Assisted Living Units (ALUs) are full-service, personalised private living arrangements. They are suitable for those who need round-the-clock medical assistance and support to help deal with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Cancer Care, Stroke Recovery, Comorbidities, among many others.

Our Care Specialists provide physical assistance and conduct medical procedures within the unit itself. In addition to that, they provide companionship and engage the residents in various activities, while also cooking their meals and cleaning their premises.

Komune Care
The Mansion
Ara Woods
Angsana Home

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Residence Care Packages
Assisted Living Units


per month
  • Hotel Services

  • Community Living

  • Care Services

  • Activities of Daily Living

  • Diary and Vitals Recording

  • Dispensing Medication

  • Grooming & Personal Hygiene

  • Morning Exercises

  • Mind Stimulation Exercises

  • Preparation of Meals

  • Daily task and reporting

Assisted Living Units

Special Plans

per month

VIP Care

Includes 1 to 1 Care

Intensive Care

24/7 1 to 1 Care

Stroke Package

Specially to address the stroke patient’s needs

Please contact us for consultation on special plans.

Need to book a physiotherapist? Or need to book a qualified specialist to perform a specific medical procedure, such as PEG Tube Change or changing a wound dressing? We offer a variety of services to address these challenges.