Medical Grade Oxygen Tank and Oxygen Concentrator for home use
Portable, maintenance-free and easy-to-use medical grade oxygen tanks and concentrators for
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OxygenCARE by CARE Concierge provides

medical grade oxygen tanks & oxygen concentrators


24-Hour Delivery To Your Home


Portable . Easy-to-use . Maintenance-Free


1300 22 8822

Why choose our Oxygen Tanks?

Oxygen Concentration

99.99% Oxygen Purity*

Our tanks are certified medical grade with 99.99% purity*. In comparison,  a Concentrator has lower purity as it filters the oxygen from the surrounding environment.

Portable Oxygen


Trolley is available upon request for portability. These tanks complement the concentrators as they can function without electricity, at the same time reduces the chance of overheating.

Delivery to your doorstep

Hassle-Free Delivery

Our rental scheme is simple and hassle-free. No need to purchase a tank and stress over finding ways to refill it: we can swap and deliver new tanks at your convenience.

Oxygen Valve


Oxygen flowrate ranges from 1 L/min to 15 L/min. If the required flowrate is more than 5 L/min, then a medical oxygen cylinder is required.


Maintenance Free

No need to worry about maintenance when it comes to using the oxygen tanks. Our Oxygen Specialist will help guide & train you on how to use the oxygen tanks.


Quality Assurance

Linde is a world leader in oxygen gas production. All our tanks have to pass stringent quality and performance standards (German engineered) to be certified medical grade.

Why choose our Oxygen Concentrator?

Quiet Operations

Quiet Operation

Averaging at a low sound level of 40dBA

Oxygen Valve

Up to 5LPM Flowrate

Flowrate ranging from 0.125LPM t 5LPM

Oxygen Concentration

High O2 Concentration

High Oxygen concentration at approximately 90%



Simple & effectively designed for easy usage


Manufactured in the US

Quality assured by industry experts

Delivery to your doorstep

Delivery to your doorstep

Our Oxygen Expert delivers and assist you

Product Range

Choose from a range of medical oxygen tanks or concentrator based on your specific requirements


All our oxygen tanks are maintenance-free and easy-to-use

Oxygen Tank LIV-E

Oxygen Tank LIV-E

RM130 per tank*

Ideal for those making short trips our of home


Portable medical oxygen cylinder (700 litres)


Built in Regulator and Flowmeter


Light, easy to carry & easy to use

Oxygen Tank 101-F

Oxygen Tank 101-F

RM120 per tank*

Ideal for longer hours of usage, in and out of home


1400 litres medical grade oxygen cylinder


Requires a regulator, flowmeter & humidifier


Trolley can be requested for portability

Oxygen Tank 101-F

Oxygen Tank 101-J

RM180 per tank*

Ideal for heavy usage over an extended period of time, home bound


8400 litres medical grade oxygen cylinder for long period usage


Large tank and oxygen volume (approx. 80kg)


Oxygen Concentrator

RM400 per month*

Ideal for those requiring round-the-clock supply of oxygen


Up to 5LPM of oxygen at approximately 90% purity*


Purchase a unit at only RM5,000

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