A sanctuary for the elderly

WHEN Siti Aminah Che Din, 80, lost her beloved husband many years ago, she was all alone living in the house.

But at such a golden age, it was very difficult for her to do her daily routines and household chores.

At the same time, she does not want to bother her grown-up children and their families.

And this is where the Care Concierge comes in.

The Care Concierge provides professional caregiver support, allowing the elderly the option of having care provided to them in the comfort of their own homes, or at its premium assisted living facilities in six locations across the Klang Valley and Penang.

At the Care Concierge premium assisted living facility in Penang, which is located at Tanjong Point Residences in Tanjung Bungah, Siti can now live on her own and enjoy her retirement life to the fullest.

Siti said she is happy to stay at the Care Concierge facility due to its excellent services.

Siti said she is happy to stay at the Care Concierge facility due to its excellent services.

“This is my second year staying at this place and it is a place where I can be with my friends and not feeling lonely anymore.

“Actually, my children did ask and try to persuade me to stay with them but I refused as I did not want to burden them. I also want them to have privacy.

“So, they understand my decision and one of my sons found this place for me. It is a very strategic place with a stunning view as it is located near the beach.

Siti talking with her son on a phone by enjoying a scenic view from her room at Tanjong Point Residences, one of the Care Concierge premium assisted living facilities.

“So far, I am very happy staying here. I have a lot of friends and various fun activities to do as well. My room is also facing the sea and the view is really amazing.

“The caregivers are also doing a good job here. They are excellent and care for you.

A caregiver preparing a meal for the elderly.

“My children also will regularly visit me every weekend,” Siti, who was once a nurse (before retiring), told Buletin Mutiara during an interview session recently.

Care Concierge (Penang branch) general manager Grace Ng said the place is different if compared with other elderly care centres as it is a resort-style environment.

“The living environment here is very comfortable and the elderly can also enjoy a scenic view of the beach every day.

“We also have various fun activities for them to do every day here, such as light exercise, reading, colouring, singing and others.

“Here, we provide 24/7 nursing care, daily vital records, nursing procedures, medication management, mental stimulation exercise, nutritious meals daily, doctor regular visit and others which also include housekeeping and laundry as well.

Some of the nutritious meals provided at the facility.

“We also help them with post-hospitalisation recovery, post-stroke recovery, cancer care, dementia care, palliative care, hip and knee replacement recovery, Parkinson’s disease, comorbidities, geriatric and respite care.

A caregiver preparing a bed for the elderly.

“All of these are the core elements that we provide here at a very affordable rate,” she said.

Ng added that those who are interested can call 1300 228 822 / 019-888 4506 to book a facility tour.

“They can also visit our website at for more information,” Ng said.