JOMCARE Registration
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Welcome to JOMCARE. We are hiring registered nurses, caregivers and therapists. We are dedicated to helping you pursue your career as a healthcare professional in JOMCARE.

In order to become a CARE Pro, candidates must take the assessment and successfully demonstrate their skills based on the badges listed in the Prerequisite list.

Basic Eligibility Criteria

In order to register to become a CARE Pro, you will need to complete the online application below; Please check the boxes that you have had some experience, skill or knowledge in. You can check as many boxes as you like.

For internal use only.
This signifies the experiences that you have had before

Nursing Badges can only be performed by a RN Nurse registered with the Malaysian Ministry of Health Nursing registrar

Formats include .pdf, jpeg, png, tiff, .doc, .docx

I have read and fully agree to the terms and conditions. All the information provided here is considered to be true.