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Our dayCARE services are designed for busy working professionals who want to ensure that their parents receive the necessary care and oversight during the day. It is adult-sitting for your elderly so you can live your life undisrupted at work, handle chores or relax and focus on you, knowing they are in good hands.


Our facilities provide companionship, activities and meals & drinks throughout the day. Our nurses and caregivers will also ensure they receive assistance and the necessary supervision while in our care.


Our Occupational Therapist has designed some exercises for the mind & body to keep them active or they can enjoy the relaxing space to just chill out in a safe environment.


  • Daily range of motion exercise
  • Activities to strengthen the body and stimulate the mind
  • Walks in the mall area
  • Arts & Crafts, Board Games, and etc.


The dayCARE is available for a promotional price of RM50 daily (regular price: RM100), and is limited to the first 10. It will be managed by our in-house Nurse and trainee nurses & caregivers.


Call us on 03-2724 3836 / 1300 22 8822 to find out more about our dayCARE services.

Day CARE @ Jaya One

Our CARE Pros

Your loved ones are important to us, as well as the safety and security of your home. Our CARE Pros are selected after screening and in-person training before they are matched by our CARE team to a case that suits their training and experience.


They are also backed by a team; A CARE Manager to handle your case and to work closely with the CARE Pros on reporting and monitoring, and a team of Doctors and Registered Nurses to advise where needed. Our proprietary app also provides access to digital resources for live reference on-the-job.


Police Check

Police Verification



Verifying Certificates


Health Screening

Healthy Caregivers


Regular Training

Continuation of Upskilling

Contact Us

We would like to get to know you or your loved ones better to provide a customized CARE plan and to walk you through our services.


Leave us a message in the contact us form or you can chat with us below or speak to our CARE Manager now


Call us on 1300 22 8822 or +603 2724 3828 (overseas)

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