Nurses & COVID-19 Test Kits for Corporate Offices
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COVID-19 Solutions: What do you do when an employee flags a temperature in the office? Are you planning to open the factory but worried that your staff might carry the virus? What protocols should you implement to ensure that the environment will be kept safe?


The government has mandated testing for foreign workers and encouraged testing even for local workers who are planning to resume operations. While Perkeso offers free testing to those who qualify, we understand the workers have to travel to the centres and apply ahead of time to be put in queue (Source : Malay Mail

We as CARE Concierge have designed an offering to help protect the office environment and to screen employees or conduct spot tests with a nurse on-premise, doctors on telehealth, along with the necessary screening and test equipment tailored to the size of your workforce.

Digital Thermal Sensor & Face Recognition System

Keep your office and public environment safe. Engage our on-demand nurses for your corporate and commercial requirements. Our licensed nurses come ready with COVID-19 PCR test-kits, which are the standards set by MOH and gold standard recommended by WHO, and the medical tests will be administered on-premise so your employees do not have to travel to hospitals and possibly be exposed. We also have Rapid tests on request. We partner with Gribbles, the largest private provider of diagnostic lab services for the tests as well as Neogenix, a boutique lab, which allows us to turnaround test results in 48-72 hours, the fastest in the industry currently, you also do not have to wait for booking slots, we can perform the test immediately.

We have a pool of over 1,500 nurses, therapists and caregivers available nationwide to be of service, be it for your office, corporate buildings, hotels or places like malls and other such public areas. We also have partnered with suppliers to offer the necessary thermal screening equipment and technology.

If you’re keen on the above solutions, please reach out to Anna Chew ([email protected]), Dalilah Zainuddin ([email protected]) or Ernest Oh ([email protected]).

You can also call our hotline on 1300228822.

About CARE Concierge

CARE Concierge provides Nurses, Therapists and Caregivers (CARE Pros) to the home for post-hospitalisation recovery and eldercare, supported by our proprietary technology. We are Alibaba Jumpstarter’s Global Top 40 Startup, Wild Digital Startup Disruptor of 2019 and Winner of Ageing Asia Eldercare Innovation Awards 2020 in 4 categories.


We have over 1,500 CARE Pros nationwide, we also established the 1st commercial Daycare in the world and provide B2B Managed Care Services for Assisted-living Facilities, Retirement Villages and Daycare centres.