Refresher Course

This course is designed for caregivers who have experience working in nursing homes but without formal training.

Course Highlight

This program comprises both Level 1 and Level 2 which enhance both fundamental and advanced caregiving skills.

Level 1 revisits essential skills such as effective communication, safe mobility assistance, health assessment, and personal hygiene practices.

Level 2 covers advanced tasks including medication administration, tube feeding, oxygen therapy, and basic wound care.

Combining both levels, the course ensures caregivers are well- prepared for diverse caregiving needs.

Who should attend

Caregivers who have past working experience in nursing homes but without any formal training.

Course Structure

3 days
- Day 1 & 2: Combination of theory classes and practicals
- Day 3: Assessment via return demonstration by participants

Basic Caregiving Level 1

Programme: CCA 005

Duration : 3 Days

Fees : RM500

  • Become proficient in measuring vital signs like blood pressure and pulse to monitor health more accurately.

  • Understand and demonstrate the safe techniques of mobilizing the senior on the bed, lifting and transferring out of bed using correct body mechanics demonstrate competency in using the assistive devices based on mobility needs of the senior.

  • Acquire the knowledge and demonstrate competence in providing safe, respectful, and effective personal care, ensuring the well-being and dignity of the seniors under their care.

  • Learn safe and appropriate feeding practices for the senior.

  • Understand and aware of the common safety risks of seniors and implement preventive measures for falls and pressure sores.

  • Manage choking of the seniors effectively.

  • Perform “hands only” CPR methodically, when the victim becomes unconscious.

Basic Caregiving Level 2

Programme: CCA 009

Duration : 3 Days

Fees : RM800

The Caregiving Refresher Course Level 2 focuses on enhancing the skills and knowledge of caregivers in providing quality care to individuals in need by:

  • Understanding medication administration and safety.

  • Learning wound assessment and proper dressing techniques.

  • Monitoring and managing fluid balance.

  • Techniques for insertion, maintenance, and care of urinary catheters.

  • Proper colostomy pouching and recognizing complications.

  • Understanding principles and recognizing distress signs.

  • Techniques and oral/nasal care education.

  • Identifying and managing health conditions.

  • Providing compassionate end-of-life care.

Entry Requirements

Has past working experience as a caregiver in nursing homes but without any formal training


3 Days


The Mansion Ritchie, Ampang