Essential Skills for Family Caregiver
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This short course is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and abilities to care for seniors within the comfort of their own homes. Whether someone serves as a family caregiver or a domestic helper, the "Essential Skills Programmes” are thoughtfully designed to address daily caregiving requirements.

Course Highlight

The combine or standalone programmes requires just a half-day of your time, allowing you to easily integrate learning into your busy life.

Our seasoned trainers, boasting over 40 years of collective experience, not only cover essential theories but also immerse you in practical, real-life scenarios to ensure comprehensive skill development.

Our trainings are conducted at our facilities. We also offer private in-home sessions and can even customise the programme to meet corporate training needs.

Who should attend

  • Family caregivers
  • Domestic helpers
  • Individuals

Course Structure

Course structure as follows:

Communication Skills & Promoting Basic Mobility Needs

Programme: CCA 001-A

Duration : 4 Hours

Fees : RM300

Communication Skills

  1. Learn effective communication techniques to better understand and connect with your loved ones.

Promoting Basic Mobility Needs

  1. Understand and demonstrate the safe techniques of mobilising seniors on the bed, lifting, and transferring out of bed using correct body mechanics.

  2. Demonstrate competency in using assistive devices based on the mobility needs of the senior.

Promoting Hygienic & Dietary Needs

Programme: CCA 001-B

Duration : 4 Hours

Fees : RM300

Promoting Hygienic & Dietary Needs

  1. Acquire the knowledge and demonstrate competence in providing safe, respectful, and effective personal care, ensuring the well-being and dignity of the seniors under their care. 

  2. Learn safe and appropriate feeding practices for the senior.

Assessing General Health Status & Assistance in Medication Administration

Programme: CCA 001-C

Duration : 4 Hours

Fees : RM300

Assessing General Health Status

  1. Gain skills in assessing general health by observing changes in physical and emotional states.

  2. Become proficient in measuring vital signs like blood pressure and pulse to monitor health more accurately.

Assistance In Medication Administration

  1. Understand the 7 Rights of the medication administration.

  2. Demonstrate knowledge in medication administration, categories & usage and common orders.

  3. Learn correct procedures of medication administration including usage of inhaler and nebulizer.

Risk & Safety for Seniors

Programme: CCA 001-D

Duration : 4 Hours

Fees : RM300

Risk & Safety For Seniors

  1. Understand and gain awareness of the common safety risks of seniors and implement preventive measures for falls and pressure sores.

  2. Manage choking of the seniors effectively.

Entry Requirements

Open to All


4 Hours


RM300 / pax

An extra fee of RM500 is applicable for organising classes at specially designated private venues.

  • The Mansion Ritchie, Ampang
  • Care Concierge Clubhouse, Jaya One
  • Private Venue (additional fee applies)