9 Things to Consider When Choosing a Nursing Home in Malaysia
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9 Things to Consider When Choosing a Nursing Home in Malaysia

Nursing home placement is a serious business. When admitting someone to a nursing facility, you trust the organization to provide them the love and with the same passion as you would. Everyone won’t be able to do so, especially in Malaysia where there are no minimum standard facilities regarding opening nursing home.

Here are some tips for you to choose the right nursing home in Malaysia.

First, Make a List of the Potential Nursing Homes in Your Area

The number of nursing homes is increasing substantially in the country, so there is a huge chance that there is more than one such facility in your locality. If that is the case, you should never limit yourself to one option. Make a table where you can list the names of different nursing homes and their services we are going to discuss below. There, you can tick mark the available ones and finally compare among your findings to conclude.

Check the Place Out

From the moment you enter the door, try to look at as many things as you can.

See if the place is tidy and comfortable. Go to the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living room. Do they use air purifier systems? Check the walls- if the wall paint is peeling then the nursing home might not be good at maintenance. Also, ensure that the bed and couch are soft and cozy.

While you are at it, also visit the garden or outdoors. Make sure that your parents can find a good time relaxing at the ambience. There might be other things which are of your concern- ensure that the place is as comfortable as your own home.

Sit for a Meal

You would want to confirm by yourself that the food the nursing home provides is delicious and healthy. What you eat at that time is what the person who is about to join will eat daily.

Of course, you can’t expect a five-star hotel like delicacies. However, the bad taste of food is not an excuse even if many nursing homes tend to blame it on the vitamins. What we mean to say is that healthy food can be delicious with good cooking skills.

Talk to the Nurses

See how the nurses talk. Do they show signs of being rude? Let us be straightforward- many don’t like taking care of others, so only those with passion and love deserve to be with your loved ones.

Try to check their faces while they work. Ensure they look relaxed more than hasty. If they are kind and cheerful at the moment they are doing their job, then the person who needs care is in the safe hands.


See How Happy Other Members Are

Looking around, do you think people in the nursing home are comfortable?  If possible, ask them directly about the good and the bad aspects of the place they are living in.

Ask them why they joined and how supportive the nursing home has been about helping get them back on their feet. Adding on to that, inquire if the organization really provides all the facilities they advertise on their leaflet.

Are there Any Fun Activities?

Nursing homes these days are introducing many activities like yoga, dance lessons, movies, etc. Check to see if there are some things that the members can do in the place.

Activities in nursing homes range from indoor games, art classes, programs programmes with performers and even campfires. You can make your decision if some of them are very intriguing.

Is the Staff to Stayers Ratio Fair?

The place might not be the best for your parents if there are overworked staff. See the number of existing members and assure that the caregivers can handle the work if some were to increase.

If you don’t have an idea about it, you can personally ask the nurses. They will give you a clear answer regarding this matter rather than the owners whose concern might only be increasing the business.

Ask for their Standards

As we said, nursing homes don’t really have a legal standard in Malaysia. However, this doesn’t prevent you from asking a question while you want to choose one.

Don’t choose a nursing home which can’t give you legitimate reasons that they are deserving of taking care of people who need help. Ones who are really passionate about providing nursing support won’t hesitate a bit to tell you why they are different from other nursing services.

Does the Person Like the Place?

After all, it boils down to this. Although it might not be possible in every case such as sicknesses, you will need to take consent of the person him/ herself to admit him or her into a nursing home.

People have different interests. Some might be social individuals who are always communicating with others, while some might love being left alone with a book or two. You will need to notice these qualities and help the person make the right decision.

Well, these were some tips to help you choose a nursing home. However, there are some red flags for you to check.

Nursing Home Red Flags

Limited Visiting Hours

Who knows, the nursing home might not let in visitors every now and then because they don’t always provide services they claim to. Good nursing homes are still prepared to welcome guests- their services are transparent, and they have nothing to hide.

Absent Staff

Notice the desks. Are there some vacant seats? Remember that taking care of sick and elderly is not an easy task and you need a team when you have many people to answer to. But, if there are absent staff, you might as well conclude that they are not serious in what they do.

No Good Company

Sometimes, you happen to choose the right nursing home, but you fail on the environment. Don’t forget- there is no guarantee that every resident in the house is good. Whatever may be your reason for joining the nursing home, good influence is vital for feeling better soon.

Inflexible Schedule

The residents are not staying in a hostel; they are only living somewhere they are being taken care of. Thus, they should be given the freedom to do things out of their own accord. The nursing home might not be a good idea if it is compulsory to take part in every activity they are not interested in.

Bottom Line:

To choose the right nursing home is not a hard task if you know what to look for in such a facility. You will need to make sure that the surrounding is good and the staff is friendly. Contact us for recommendations or more tips regarding finding a nursing home in Malaysia.

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